Vipassana Meditation Institute

Vipassanadhura Institute

Vipassanadhura Institute mission is on planning, development, promotion and technical service mission. To practice meditation. Moral training and quality development and meditation teacher. Research on development and practice of insight meditation. Create a network of practice and unit training to extensive.

The mission :

1. The executive management Division. Have authority and responsibility on Administration and policy development, personnel work budget. Registration and information work of the Institute and perform other related or assigned.

             1. 1 management group group in administrative coordination of financial budget, personnel, accounting, inventory policy and development plan and coordinate with related departments and perform other assignments.

             1. 2. The registration and information group.the practice was registered participants moral system and establishing a website database development. The data directory of meditation. Annual reports and Moral Training Institute of public relations and public propaganda work documents the meditation and training to public morality quality assurance Institute. Annual report and perform other related or assignments.

2. The planning and development of training Division. Have authority and responsibility involved in research and development and meditation teacher training services and perform other related or assignments.

           2.1 the planning group. Research and development work on promoting research support. And the development and practice of insight meditation. Evaluation. Plan and develop knowledge of Vipassana meditation in คุณธรรมให้ more extensive, network synchronization The promotion and development of the Buddhist school and perform other related or assigned

           2. 2 service  training group. Perform service curriculum practice meditation and training for the youth and the general public virtue, produce course proper supply facilities for people who came to the training and evaluation report and other related work or assignments

Vipassana Meditation Institute
79 Moo 1 Km no.55  Lamsai Wangnoi
Ayutthaya Thailand
Tel. : +66 3524 8008 ext. 8139, +66 86366 2969
+66 99 687 3211
E-mail: (แม่ชีศรินรัตน์)
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